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Pairing: Ohmiya, Sakuraiba, Aimiya, Juntoshi, Sakumiya.
Genre: Romance, Angst, Fluff, AU.
Rating: PG-13.
Length: Multi-Chaptered.
Summary: Falling out of love is not a choice. For Ninomiya Kazunari, it is a decision. When he decides, he never regrets.
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys and none of this ever happened.
Note: Beta-ed by my dearie [ profile] r_tenou  who also suggests that I should warn you that some characters in this fic are questionable, and in most cases, probably very OOC. But as you read the next chapter, you will understand why Nino is not really like Nino and Ohno is so not Ohno in this chapter. There is a rhyme and a reason and it has something to do with their past and how things happened in their relationship.

Rendezvouz Chapter List: Chapter 04 l Chapter 5~Part 02



Part 01


Summer 1999 : Ninomiya Residence.

This is not the kind of family dinner that I had in mind, but it’s not like I have the power to reject. My grandfather, my mother, me, Sho-kun and Aiba-chan, five of us sit gracefully at the huge dining table, looking down at special summer dishes made by mother. By all means, the only ones who look proper here are my grandfather, my mother and Sho-kun. Aiba-chan and I look more like foster kids from the orphanage with our t-shirts and jeans. Sho-kun as always, looks all neat and tidy with his shirt, vest and trousers. He never fails to impress both my grandfather and mother.

My grandfather invited them to have dinner with us after we got back from our one-day trip to Sho-kun’s college. This weird feeling is back. Just thinking about the “Summer Festival” we attended, I vaguely feel a new sensation spread all over my whole body. I still remember his calm voice whispering something at the back of my ear and making my body shiver unconsciously. What’s more intriguing though was his gaze. It seemed like he stripped me with his eyes, like he could read everything about me with just one glance.

With that thought in mind, the butterflies began flying around in my stomach again.

“How was the festival, Kazu?” My grandfather's calm and firm voice startles me forth from my thoughts. “It must have been good, right? Their Summer Festival has always been good since my generation.”

“Not really. It’s was like any other festival. Nothing special,” I answer him bluntly. I can sense that Aiba’s body jerks a little at hearing my response. He never likes it when I throw my bratty attitude at my grandfather. Sho-chan, being as gentle as he always is, gives me an understanding smile and jumps into the conversation.

“Kazu was really enjoyed the festival, Ninomiya-sama. I think he really liked it there.” 

My mother gives me a warning look across the table and clears her throat, but I choose to just let it go. I don't care about her wanting me to be more obedient towards my grandfather.

“Hmm... But even if it was an ordinary festival, it must have been special because you went there with Sho-kun and Aiba-chan right, Kazu?” Her soft and bright voice breaks the tense atmosphere in the dining room. That is her role in this household - a referee, while my grandfather plays a glaring offense and I stay in defense.

“Yeah… special.” I respond to her attempt with an overly saccharine smile. “So very, very special.” I wanted to say that sentence in a cynical tone, but instead it comes out like I was astonished by the awesomeness of the Summer Festival.

“Ohno-san was the only awesome thing at that festival.”  I am shocked by my own thought. “Damn, Kazu. What the hell are you thinking? He is a guy. You don't like guys.” My brain stops working every time I think of him, and just now, I get so scared by the possibility that I might like a guy.

Seeing my response, my mother seems like she can't can't hold her happiness, “Your grandfather has always believed that someday you will follow his path by studying at Keio, Kazu. Right, Otousan?”

I hear my grandfather scoff at the sentence. “Still, he needs to be more focused on what he wants in life.”

With her most sincere smile, she clearly attempts to lighten the mood here. “Kazu has always been good at school. He likes to play music, but he still manages to be the number one. I have always thought that he has a special talent in music and I believe that he can go to a first rate University like Keio, or maybe Todai?”

I don't want to give her a hard time, but at some point my grandfather will get on my nerves, and I don't want to look like someone who was defeated by the eagerness of an old man.

The thought of being a student at Keio has become an interesting idea since I will get the chance to meet him more often. But if I suddenly approve the idea, it will raise my grandfather's suspicion. So, all I can do is keep up with my usual behavior and oppose him.

“Yeah, but Keio is not the only top-notch college out there.”

Being a person with such a domineering personality, he never cares about my reaction towards him. Just like this time, he keeps ignoring my response.

Living under the same roof with him for almost twelve years since my parents' divorce, I've learned to not always agree with every word that he says. My happiness will not be from fulfilling his ambition to control my life.

I believe that he hates me, because I carry the blood of a man who brought pain to his daughter’s life. That is why he has always forced me to do anything as he says and why I always react the opposite.

I have the golden chance to show my grandfather that I will not always do what he says in front of another people who are not our family members. Plus, I do it in front of Sho-kun, his golden boy.

Ever since I can remember, he has always wanted me to follow anything that Sho-kun did: entering a nationally acclaimed junior high and high school, placing myself in the top class students of all time, getting the highest score for any academic test scheduled. For the final touch, he wants me to take the throne of his business empire.

I never liked living in this house. I never wanted to live here, but my parent’s divorce has really turned her life upside down, forcing her to go back to this house - the place where she was born and grew up; and I'm stuck here with her. The more absurd thing is that my grandfather made my mother carries his family name, including me. My grandfather did his utmost to erase any trace of my father from our life. I don’t know where he is right now. I don't even know whether he is still alive or not, and I don't really care anyway. Thinking about my father is a waste of time.

“Keio is a good university,” My grandfather, adds his opinion, but I am not bothered by it. “I studied there; all of my cousin studied there.”

“Yeah, that sounds fun. More Ninomiyas on their student list.” My reply sounds bitter, but as I take a glance at him, I can see is he is not listening to me at all. He only makes disgusted and irked expressions, which causes an awkward silence in the dining room.

Usually, I distract myself by thinking about how to beat the final boss on the latest game that I bought or Aiba’s unfunny mess-ups, which coincidentally are actually very funny after the fact. This time, however, the only thing I can seem to think about is the strange man I met.

“Ohno Satoshi. Ohno-san. Oh-chan? Satoshi? Toshi?”

I must be crazy, thinking about how should I address him when we meet again in the future. I don't know how and why, but his face is etched in my mind. He is simply everywhere. It’s driving me crazy and something inside my chest is about to burst.

“Sho-chan also brought us to an art exhibition of his friend, Ohno Satoshi-san. It was awesome. He's really great.” Aiba suddenly jumps into the conversation with his random rambling, which gains him a sour look from my grandfather. From the other side of the table, Sho-kun and my mother glance at each other, knowing what's about to come.

“Damn, Aiba. Why do you have to bring that up in front of my grandfather?”

“Art is not something that will bring you any success. Remember, Kazu?” Grandfather says sternly, just like he always does when he mocks me about my interest in music. Art and music are rubbish to him.

For the second time this night, I nod indubitably, following his objection.

“But I’ve never seen something as beautiful as Ohno-san’s art,” I say to myself, “or his smile. His smile is indeed the real art.”

“Keio is one of the most prestigious universities in Japan. A bright future is guaranteed as soon as you start there. Look at Sakurai-san.” A gracious smile appears on Grandfather's face as he nods toward Sho-kun.

“I believe that right after your graduation, a lot of companies would be more than pleased to hire you as their employee.” He continues his speech assertively, with no concern to anything besides his will. “You are a wise young man with a bright future, Sakurai-san.”

Sho-kun answers politely like he always does. “Thank you, Ninomiya-sama.”

I sneak a glance at Aiba. I can see clearly how proud he is of his crush, and all I can do is roll my eyes.

“They might have a great art faculty, but their economic faculty is definitely the best in Japan. You need to be serious about running a business, Kazu.” Grandfather continues with his usual forced guidance. “Understand?”

“Huh?” That’s all the response I can give, for my mind is once again busy with the thought of Oh-chan's presence (I finally decide to call him Oh-chan, because it fits his cute face perfectly.) The way he wears a sheepish smile on his lips is adorable, and I love it so much. His sweet smell is like ecstasy and it drives me crazy. I wonder how amazing it would be to be able to smell the crook of his neck.

I really have to try so hard to hide the blush creeping up on my cheeks.

I am shocked with my own thinking. Am I really thinking about another guy? Does this make me a...?

I close my eyes to keep my brain from thinking too much about it; I am afraid.

“This can't be, right? There is no meaning in falling in love with someone after only one meeting. Then again, Sho-chan seems to think there's such a thing as love at first sight, so maybe...”

Grandfather doesn't give up on forcing his idea. “It’s a tradition, Kazunari. Every male in this family has gone to Keio without any obstacle and none of them, including myself, have argued otherwise.”

“It’s no fun, Ojiisan,” I reply to his response, “for every male in this family to attend the same university, not to mention in the same faculty. Sounds boring to me…” I breathe out a heavy sigh. It is loud enough to make everybody at the table snap their head in my direction and give a questioning look.

“Your face is turning red, Nino-chan. You look ma…sick?” Aiba says and I have the sneaking suspicion that he was about to ask if I was mad.

“Ever since he was a child, summer is not a friendly season to him,” my mother responds lightly. “See how his face gets so red because of the heat? I think your trip to Keio has been exhausting for Kazu.”

I could tell my grandfather had something to do with the reason Sho-kun brought me to his university. He always tries to make me look up to Sho-kun, well mannered and educated. It is so boring in my concern, but this time, I know I have something to keep his mouth shut for the next few years. Or so I think.

“Yeah, it was really exhausting. The campus is too far from our house and the air conditioners don't work very well, not to mention that…”

The clanking sound made by my grandfather placing his fork and knife to the plate startle everybody in the dining room, and spontaneously all of us turn our head to his direction.

I fight to keep a smile from spreading across my face.

“I know how to push your buttons, Ojii-san,” I scream triumphantly in my mind, knowing what is about to happen.

“Otousan…” My mother tries to calm my grandfather with her soft voice, but I know that it is too late. He has exhausted his patience with all my rejections and objections, and today, it's all over.

“You will go there, son. Whether it is against your will, I don't care. I will make sure that you will be a student there and hand over my company,” he says with a high tone, almost yelling, “Do you understand?”

I pout, and my face turns red, but inside I am gleeful.



“I always know how to win, Ojiisan.”



Whoaaa...finally I finished this chapter. I write this part for 2 days...2 DAYS!!! Because the drama in this chapter is drowning me and my workload driving me crazy (I missed my students,,,and I hate the administration work.]

I HATE MYSELF!!! for making such a sad thing like this X((

I dedicate this chapter to my dearie [ profile] ichi_toshimiya, for being there for me in my hard time.

[ profile] fey_37, don't be mean to me,,,I can't hold it anymore ... mwahahahaha [I mean my breath...]
[ profile] secretwish109 ... missed you ... I have a lot of story to tell.

Pleaseee give me comment,,,I really want to know your thought about this chapter.
Share OhMiya love by commenting...❤❤❤❤❤...though I'm not gonna bite if you don't wanna...XD
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