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Confessions of A Shopaholic...

From the title...very clear and obvious that the movie tells us about a shopaholic...
If you haven't read the book, it's ok...

Even the whole story is a little bit different, but you still be able to understand the whole story without reading the book.

This movie tells a story about Rebecca ecstatic young girl, that build a deep relationship with brand and shop...
She can never keep her ambition from Prada, Gucci or Manolo sale...
This New Yorker girl ended up in a situation where she lost her job while debt collector is tracing her track...

She find her self, one night, wrote a letter to two magazines. one to the Alette, the fashion magazine where she always felt that she belongs there, and to an economic magazine "Savings Succesfull"...

Then everything started there...


Hollywood Style
Typical Hollywood Style

It is a typical Hollywood romantic comedy.
but this time, it's not the romantic side that caught my eyes, even my heart.

The part where Bex realize that her shopping habit is killing her inside and outside.
She is drown in debt.
But she never lose a way to find her life back.
Well, the part where I said that the typical Hollywood movie appear is because there are too many coincidence.
But that is okay, because I feel that maybe, a good coincidence will pop out in my life :p

Thanks to this movie, I am able to realize that I cannot "symbolize" my anger and dissatisfaction through stuff and spending money.
Because it will lead me to an endless ending of being strapped.

And there is another thing that I can definitely learn from this movie.
NO CREDIT CARDS in life...
That's a law!!!


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