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 This is for the first time I write a nonsense rambling on LiveJournal and post it.

<> I finally had a proper eat after like 5 or 6 days ruining my digestion system for not eating properly. I guess the antibiotics that given for my treatment is ruining my apetite on eating.

<> This year, I experienced the best birthday, EVER. I receive a lot of surprise birthday gift from my friends (in RL and especially VL) and from my students. My students are so sweet, but I missed the chance to came to the surprise party that they arranged for me, because I got into a motorcycle accident the day before (another special birthday gift ^^). One of my students made me a bundle of ARASHI fanfic and fanart, because she knows how much I ❤❤❤❤❤ ARASHI. She is just simply sweet, and what impressed me the most is that she didn't forgot to put a disclaimer that she didn't own the copyright of the fanfic and fanart, and its only for a personal usage only. ^^
Another students made me purple wallpaper (PURPLE ❤) and the other one draw a manga for me. I FEEL SO GRATEFUL FOR HAVING SUCH A SWEET STUDENTS. I know they must've spent a lot of free times to made those presents for me. They said it's nothing expensive, Miss, I wish you like it. I ❤❤❤❤❤ it, it means so much for me.
And I receive a lovely OHMIYA fanfic as a birthday present from [ profile] secretwish109 , [ profile] zero_shichi , [ profile] fey_37 and [ profile] jadelil, and it is so lovely, even saying thank you is not enough.

<> What else? Owh owh owh fasting month, RAMADHAN (It is going to be started this afternoon by the way ^^) is coming and as a tradition in my country, I would like to say that I am apologizing for any mistakes that I made in the past, whether it is intentionally or unintentionally. I am sorry, I wish I am forgiven, so that I could start this holy month with a clean start, and hopefully I won't make the same mistakes next year.

I guess that's it...Owh, and here is the caps of some of the birthday presents.
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Hi guys,,,miss LJ so much.
I spent 2 days at weekend to finish chapter 5 of Rendezvouz, and I am still disappointed because I can't manage to finish it to the point that I want. *sigh
I really want to give you a little preview of what happen in that chapter,,,but then I thought, let's just wait until my beta reader finish editing my fic.
But,,,but,,,but,,,I really want to tell you that I give a little surprise in the end.
An unexpected surprise that even I was surprised by my own writing =)) stupid me. LOL

Oh,,,and I am super duper happy because 4 of my students are able to enter one of the most prestigious public high school in my town.
I am so happy for them, because finally they got what they deserves, after 1 year full of enrichment program.
They are deserve to get the best.
I am so proud of you, but I never hope that you will read this post, because it would be a big mistake.
[You guys reading my fic =))]
BTW,,,I am so happy after checking MY GUESTS feature...
I am so happy to know that so many people reading my fic.
I am not a pushy person, I don't bite and I don't want to force you to give comment on my page.
But then again,,,when you give a comment,,,I will be extremely happy.
Like what I said,,,when you comment, my energy is definitely recharged... :D
Enuff with my rambling...
I better get prepare to start the chapter 6.
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Stop Trying To Be Friend!

Each "Quality Time" that I had attended, I always get a brain new perception about things related to teaching and educating children.

From last Saturday "Quality Time" ,

I finally get the exact answer for my question all this time.

Thanks to Mr. Arvan Pradiansyah ...

The Topic was Self Happiness : Bring your Children into Happiness .
The key point is that you have to become a happy person first to make your children happy.
Sounds simple and easy.
But what parents did recently, mostly a mistake that came from a misunderstanding.

First misunderstanding is when we, as parents felt that we already understand our children.
But the point is not the understand part.
We have to stay connected with them, and try to understand their world.
Any kind of popular things that they are really into. Just don't missed it.
'Coz, when we are not in sync with their world, naturally, they will feel abandoned by us, and refuse to get closer to us.

Next misunderstanding is when we, as parents only apply THE SOFT LOVE , and too afraid to apply THE TOUGH LOVE .
Just as we feel ease and balanced, using both of our hands and legs.
It's the same with their feeling about accepting THE SOFT LOVE and THE TOUGH LOVE .
As a happy parents, we have to step up and show our courage to apply THE TOUGH LOVE .

For example...let's say.
I had a students back then.
Who love to play video games during school day.
And as we can predict. His score was sliding down like a melted ice in Alpen Mountain.
But when I asked her mother to warn his bad habit, her mother just said that he already had a rough time at school, studying and doing other stuff.
He needs something to divert his attention. And that was by playing video games, more than 5 hours a day.
Which is I thought too much.

But again, all I can do is just giving a suggestion.
The mother afraid that his kid will hate her if she told him to stop playing Video Games during school day.

And that is exactly the example of fear in applyingTHE TOUGH LOVE .
In the end of the semester, both the parents and the students finally realized that "5 HOURS VIDEO GAME PER DAY" will resulted a bad score report.

Why do people have to learn something after they experienced by them self?
There are a lot of things in this world that you can predict. Right?

The best misunderstanding is DON'T TRY TO BE THEIR FRIENDS.
You are parents. You have your obligation to do your work as a PARENT, not as their FRIEND.
So stop trying so hard to become your children friends.

That is exactly the answer that I need this whole time.

Be "THE ROLE MODEL" for your kids.
If you want your kids to be open and loving towards you and others, show that side of yours to them.
Be a caring and loving person.
They will learn naturally, that being a loving person is not an embarrassing thing.
If you want your children become an affectionate and forgiving, don't be afraid to immediately say sorry when you realize that you are make a mistake to them.

What a nice "Quality Time" I had last Saturday.
Just want to share here...

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