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This is the result from Mannequin 5 Special from Himitsu No 嵐~chan, March 31st 2011


This is when all the boys came out as A Mannequin. Not one of them lose their coolness. But still my fond is for ニノ. [Got smack in the head by the other member]

In Mannequin 5 Special, all the Mannequin are allowed to move. I like when they all sparkling like that. ❤
All the guest judge thinks that ニノ coordination is ridiculous. Since he is using other member piece, and the only original thing about his coordination is in his shoes. [I wonder, did he wear a black socks again?]
翔ーちゃん reveals that his coordination is inspired by his Master of Fashion at the moment. "VERBAL"-san. Well, it seems that 翔ーちゃん is still looking for his Master of Fashion.
Remember in two previous SP he clinging so much on 相葉ーちゃん's coordination?

Besides Yuriko-Chan, all guest judge thinks that ニノ coordination will end to a failure.[ I don't know whether Yuriko-Chan just being nice to ニノ or what. But I am glad that she doen's put him ont he last position.]

I Laugh SOOO hard when I look at ニノ's expression. He is just too cute to be ignored. Even when he is in his worst situation, he still be able to maintain his cuteness. him for that.
Looking at 末潤 satisfied expression, when three other judges put him in 1st spot. And of course, "VERBAL"-san choose 翔ーちゃん for the 1st spot. 末潤 is seriously in CONFIDENT mood. [LOL]

NOW, let's move on to the main menu for this Special M5. All of the member are so excited when they know how many votes has been in...304348...including my votes. For my ニノ coordination.
Look at ニノ excitement when they started to reveal the result. Try to cheer himself up...neee~~~??? かわいい.

When the results revealed ... [my head goes ニノ...ニノ...ニノ...all the time...really hoping that this time, He will win.]

And ... my wish come true. ニノ is the winner. He get 124403 votes. AMAZING!!! So many votes for his "mischievous" trick. [LOL]

I capped all scenes that I think interesting.
末潤's disappointment when he has to accept the truth that he is not in the first spot. Even though he already copy 大野ーくん's trick. Using Mannequin's coordination from the store. [LOL so hard again]
Look at 翔ーちゃん's expression when ニノ is announced as the WINNER. SHOCKED. Shocking is always the best.

相葉ーちゃん feel relieved and happy when he know that he is on the third. GO FOR IT 相葉ーちゃん ... Do better in the next M5 ... Don't let that Bratty one playing tricks on you again.

And when RIIDA announced as the 4th position. His face become like "PROUD". [LOL]

Everything goes back to previous season of M5. Don't you think?


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Epic episode of Himitsu No 嵐~chan.

If you think what had happened with Sho-Chan and Riida in previous Mannequin 5 is hillarious enough, then,,,
Hold your thought, cause MY bratty NINO is just being NINO in this episode. I LOVE IT when he is showing his "I don't want to lose" side of him.

In this episode MatsuJun is absolutely confused and tired.His mood rather low. Maybe because of a burden for being put on the 5th spot twice in a row. But in this total spoiler post. I have to tell you, that he is going to show

And, for Aiba, I think he lost his sense of fashion at the very beginning...But again, it's not Aiba if he can't figure out what to wear. But again, it's not Aiba if he can't figure out what to wear. [For ME, he is playing safe mode.]

This HnA episode is epic...I laugh a lot since the very beginning. When people start to think that this episode will be all about Sho-Chan.

Then you are all wrong ... LOL ... I burst my tears ...

This is Sho-Chan with his HARU coordination. It is absolutely Aiba~ppoi... Wondering that Sho-Chan's sense is stuck in Aiba STYLE...
So funny, because at first, I thought it would be Aiba's fashion coordination.

Next is Riida with his dream coordination.
He even draw his style. And the funny part is that he insist, it has to be SAKURA print.

Aiba, confused ...He is thinking so hard,,,and don't want to be put on the 4th spot anymore. Aiba losing his confidence in his fashion sense is just cute.

I laugh so hard when I see MatsuJun's shopping part.
His "I don't wanna lose mode is by imitating Ohno's method.

Let's start with my boy shopping part. Which,,,is the most hilarious part!!!

NINO is just being NINO.

Action 1 : "Ooh,,,I see,,,checkered jacket, Sho-Chan..."

Action 2 : "Ohhh...good one, Aiba."

Action 2 : "Riida, i steal something from you...Wait,,,this is your coordination???"

Action 4 : MatsuJun is just the hardest one to be stalk, neee~~~.
But bratty NINO would never lose.

If you want to know the result, I will post it this afternoon...
Let's discuss it

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