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Hi guys,,,miss LJ so much.
I spent 2 days at weekend to finish chapter 5 of Rendezvouz, and I am still disappointed because I can't manage to finish it to the point that I want. *sigh
I really want to give you a little preview of what happen in that chapter,,,but then I thought, let's just wait until my beta reader finish editing my fic.
But,,,but,,,but,,,I really want to tell you that I give a little surprise in the end.
An unexpected surprise that even I was surprised by my own writing =)) stupid me. LOL

Oh,,,and I am super duper happy because 4 of my students are able to enter one of the most prestigious public high school in my town.
I am so happy for them, because finally they got what they deserves, after 1 year full of enrichment program.
They are deserve to get the best.
I am so proud of you, but I never hope that you will read this post, because it would be a big mistake.
[You guys reading my fic =))]
BTW,,,I am so happy after checking MY GUESTS feature...
I am so happy to know that so many people reading my fic.
I am not a pushy person, I don't bite and I don't want to force you to give comment on my page.
But then again,,,when you give a comment,,,I will be extremely happy.
Like what I said,,,when you comment, my energy is definitely recharged... :D
Enuff with my rambling...
I better get prepare to start the chapter 6.
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Continuation of “What Happened Next?”

Original Title:

Drabble Marathon #22 written by [ profile] secretwish109


Continuation of “What Happened Next?”

[ profile] neenashareefa


Ohmiya, Juntoshi


[ profile] secretwish109
Tribute to my "crazy-fangirl-of-ohmiya-at-late-of-night-but-now-somehow-mad-at-me-because-I-write-something-about-juntoshi" =))

First Part | Second Part l Third Part 

Ohno's body flinched a little bit from the sensation that Nino's hand brought. But just a few inches from Ohno's thigh... )"Kazu, where are you going? We still have an unfinished business here nee~???" )
neenashareefa: (Default) much I missed the TROPHY,,,
I really can't express the happiness that shimmering in my whole body at this moment,,,
After a long yearning and waiting.
[Again, I am very good in hyperbolizing something that is not that great actually.]

But, hey again.
How come I am not ecstatically excited when my one and only favorite football club, finally get their CHAMPIONSHIP THROPY again???
And I really have no intention on hiding it :)
Since last night, I grin and smile like an idiot.
And can't stop bragging about it with all of my brothers, who become a loyal UNITED fans because of me who kept insisted that there are no other great club besides UNITED.


I m more than happy, that is why I change my LJ background into something MU-ish ... :)

well...for anyone out there, NEW HISTORY has been recorded.
And Merseyside,,,see that? Talk about history, and that is all you can talk about since this moment.
Because things that left from you is just a history.
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When reality is not in line with the wishes.
Word is not linked with reason and logic.

Choosing sides in which all humans go hand in hand is not always the right choice.

There is always a bridge to heart that want to cross, to gather together.
Strength of spirit, choosing to listen and not talk.

Patience is not a choice, but necessity.

~ ~ ~

Every day, there are always new lessons obtained.
One thing that I learned from myself is when I'm doing wrong, I often inadvertently do so, though others might not understand it.
So, today, when I witnessed someone do wrong towards me, I should be able to understand that they might not meant to do that.

Listening is the best ability of human beings, because we are given three tools to do so.
A pair of ears, brain and heart.


As simple as ears, brain and heart.

And you will find that your life is wonderfully amazing :)
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My left ear starts to beeping since yesterday.
And it hurts real bad.
But I have no courage to go to the doctor.
How stupid is that?

I know this is my very own mistake and I can't complain.
I use to listen to the music using my earphone or headphone.
Like more than 10 hours a day.
And most of the time, the volume is just so high.
Because listening to the music will make me more calm, and free me from all of my problems.

I know that it was a bad habit.
But still, I abandoning a fact that it was bad for my hearing.
And I got my punishment yesterday afternoon, when my left ear starts beeping and this morning, it hurts so bad.
So bad, until I can't speak comfortably, because it will starts to beep every time I open my mouth to speak.

I don't know what to do.

Should I go to the doctor?
I don't want my parents to notice this,,,

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JunToshi is pairing in a drama together...
seriously...I am ecstatically happy and shocked at the same time...

there will be a lot of fanfic happening

I was happy seriously that ARASHI member pairing in a drama together
but JunToshii a lil bit breaking my heart
Imagine what will happen to Toshi's Kazu ???

I am just so into OhMiya SK recently...
And reading the news,,,I was like...
OK Toshi, you have your Kazu.
Watch your action, because he is not gonna be happy if you start lurking around with Jun.

ARRGH...I want more OhMiya SK...
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A drop of water falling down from the sky
Daddy said. "Honey, there is no need to cry."
As the summer arrives, you will stop asking why
Notice the warmth, when earth starts to dry
Free yourself like a bird, you go and fly

(Anonymous 1)

Beloved people who really care
Back you up in your dare
Before your time is over
Bargain your heart to pair
Better to bind with beloved during time of despair

(Anonymous 2)

Children are miracles
Greatest gift from GOD
Children are sparkling stars
So young, So Innocent, So kind
Love our children

(Anonymous 3)

Dear sky…
You never tell me a lie
Now, oh please tell me why
Why I feel like I am going to die
When the one I love pass me by

(Anonymous 4)

Every room where love lies, there goes hate
For love and hate will never be mates
Embrace the love as the gracious fate
It never is too soon nor too late
Keep in heart and feel the great

(Anonymous 5)

First love…
Funny things to share…
Freaky things to felt…
Feelin' shy and glad…
Fade away but never ends…

(Anonymous 6)

God, send me the love I've longed for…
I don't want to be alone anymore…
Send the one who is not terrifying or horror…
I don't want a movie star or a guy from Gontor…
Anyone,,,as long as he is not a bore

(Anonymous 7)

Joy in love is like a river
Going on and on forever
Your love has made me a prisoner
To love I surrender
And let it live in my heart forever

(Anonymous 8)

Key of love is happiness
Key of happiness is being honest
Why do you still sit in a nest?
When you can find him from east to west?
You probably find the best

(Anonymous 9)

Let's take care, Love
By sharing, understanding and accepting, Love
Believing each other is a must, Love
Our affection to our soulmate should be pure, Love
'Cause life is nothing without you, Love

(Anonymous 10)

My love, you are my light
Because of you, my life is so bright
When I am blind, you are my sight
You guide me to do the right
If I do wrong, please hold me tight

(Anonymous 11)

Never give all the heart to the one you love
Will hardly seem worth thinking of
To passionate men if it seem
Certain, and they never a dream
Just like a river without stream

(Anonymous 12)

Put all the hate out of heart and mind
Let it fly and left behind
Pursue the love of mankind
Love will never make you blind
To such love life will bind

(Anonymous 13)

Questions never ending for love
Simple word but can't explain enough
Happiness and sacrifice, love is all about
Need to prove 'till the end of time

(Anonymous 14)
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Thank GOD, for being nice to me.

I lost my ATM yesterday.
Well It's not yesterday. But I'm not sure when was my ATM "leave" my wallet.
I don't remember taking anything after 29th March.
I don't bring it out from my wallet.
I don't want to be suspicious. And stop thinking over it, before I got frustrated just because of money.

But again, I have to say thank you, GOD.
Because it means YOU still have time to think about me, and remind me, that those money is not belong to me.
I mean, not all the money is my rights.
I am glad that you still ring a bell as a reminder for my life.

I know, after this I have to be more careful about my stuff, raise up my awareness and stop being selfish.

It's like YOU are saying to me, "How come I gave you a lot of things, and you never give back?".

Thank you for my father also, for teaching me how to let go of something that already taken away from me.
And not getting annoyed by that.

I learn a lot after this incident.
Hello, you are 26. You have to be more mature than you are now!!!
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This is the result from Mannequin 5 Special from Himitsu No 嵐~chan, March 31st 2011


This is when all the boys came out as A Mannequin. Not one of them lose their coolness. But still my fond is for ニノ. [Got smack in the head by the other member]

In Mannequin 5 Special, all the Mannequin are allowed to move. I like when they all sparkling like that. ❤
All the guest judge thinks that ニノ coordination is ridiculous. Since he is using other member piece, and the only original thing about his coordination is in his shoes. [I wonder, did he wear a black socks again?]
翔ーちゃん reveals that his coordination is inspired by his Master of Fashion at the moment. "VERBAL"-san. Well, it seems that 翔ーちゃん is still looking for his Master of Fashion.
Remember in two previous SP he clinging so much on 相葉ーちゃん's coordination?

Besides Yuriko-Chan, all guest judge thinks that ニノ coordination will end to a failure.[ I don't know whether Yuriko-Chan just being nice to ニノ or what. But I am glad that she doen's put him ont he last position.]

I Laugh SOOO hard when I look at ニノ's expression. He is just too cute to be ignored. Even when he is in his worst situation, he still be able to maintain his cuteness. him for that.
Looking at 末潤 satisfied expression, when three other judges put him in 1st spot. And of course, "VERBAL"-san choose 翔ーちゃん for the 1st spot. 末潤 is seriously in CONFIDENT mood. [LOL]

NOW, let's move on to the main menu for this Special M5. All of the member are so excited when they know how many votes has been in...304348...including my votes. For my ニノ coordination.
Look at ニノ excitement when they started to reveal the result. Try to cheer himself up...neee~~~??? かわいい.

When the results revealed ... [my head goes ニノ...ニノ...ニノ...all the time...really hoping that this time, He will win.]

And ... my wish come true. ニノ is the winner. He get 124403 votes. AMAZING!!! So many votes for his "mischievous" trick. [LOL]

I capped all scenes that I think interesting.
末潤's disappointment when he has to accept the truth that he is not in the first spot. Even though he already copy 大野ーくん's trick. Using Mannequin's coordination from the store. [LOL so hard again]
Look at 翔ーちゃん's expression when ニノ is announced as the WINNER. SHOCKED. Shocking is always the best.

相葉ーちゃん feel relieved and happy when he know that he is on the third. GO FOR IT 相葉ーちゃん ... Do better in the next M5 ... Don't let that Bratty one playing tricks on you again.

And when RIIDA announced as the 4th position. His face become like "PROUD". [LOL]

Everything goes back to previous season of M5. Don't you think?


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NINO Icon An An

To celebrate Nino's winning in HnA Special Mannequin 5
I make icons from Nino's pose in An An ~ April 2011.
Feel free to take.


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Epic episode of Himitsu No 嵐~chan.

If you think what had happened with Sho-Chan and Riida in previous Mannequin 5 is hillarious enough, then,,,
Hold your thought, cause MY bratty NINO is just being NINO in this episode. I LOVE IT when he is showing his "I don't want to lose" side of him.

In this episode MatsuJun is absolutely confused and tired.His mood rather low. Maybe because of a burden for being put on the 5th spot twice in a row. But in this total spoiler post. I have to tell you, that he is going to show

And, for Aiba, I think he lost his sense of fashion at the very beginning...But again, it's not Aiba if he can't figure out what to wear. But again, it's not Aiba if he can't figure out what to wear. [For ME, he is playing safe mode.]

This HnA episode is epic...I laugh a lot since the very beginning. When people start to think that this episode will be all about Sho-Chan.

Then you are all wrong ... LOL ... I burst my tears ...

This is Sho-Chan with his HARU coordination. It is absolutely Aiba~ppoi... Wondering that Sho-Chan's sense is stuck in Aiba STYLE...
So funny, because at first, I thought it would be Aiba's fashion coordination.

Next is Riida with his dream coordination.
He even draw his style. And the funny part is that he insist, it has to be SAKURA print.

Aiba, confused ...He is thinking so hard,,,and don't want to be put on the 4th spot anymore. Aiba losing his confidence in his fashion sense is just cute.

I laugh so hard when I see MatsuJun's shopping part.
His "I don't wanna lose mode is by imitating Ohno's method.

Let's start with my boy shopping part. Which,,,is the most hilarious part!!!

NINO is just being NINO.

Action 1 : "Ooh,,,I see,,,checkered jacket, Sho-Chan..."

Action 2 : "Ohhh...good one, Aiba."

Action 2 : "Riida, i steal something from you...Wait,,,this is your coordination???"

Action 4 : MatsuJun is just the hardest one to be stalk, neee~~~.
But bratty NINO would never lose.

If you want to know the result, I will post it this afternoon...
Let's discuss it

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The fangirling time,,,

This is a view cap from Himitsu No Arashi Chan, Arashi Ni Shiyagare and VS Arashi ...

Since I am biased with Nino (。◕‿◕。) , I will only post Nino caps :)

Enjoy ❤

Nino in his bratty cute face

OhMiya pair ... Lovey Dovey ... Freeze mode on ... :p

Nino in spectacles ❤ ...

Stunned by his own cuteness ... hehehe

From ANiShi last week ... see his tears about falling?



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77 二宮和也 Take on me…!

薄曇りの光の中、穏やかな表情で佇む二宮さんの横顔は、息をのむほど美しく、メロンパンを頬張る無邪気なカットはなんとも言えないキュートな表情。そのど れもが、はじめて目にするものばかり。「スーツ姿の二宮和也」が見せてくれた、数々の名シーンをどうぞお見逃しなく!(K)"

Rough Translation Using GTranslate

Ninomiya Kazunari 77 Take on me ...!

Ninomiya Kazunari's suits.

New life and seasonable to meet new "first impression" the secrets of this week's book tightly confined in anan. Cover, it appeared the storm's Ninomiya Kazunari.
Cover shoot theme was "wearing a suit." If you were a businessman's ... Ninomiya. In order to shape that image, the studio and watch a white shirt, tie, and why melon bread, and started to shoot a variety of props are available.
In the light of a cloudy, Ninomiya's profile is nestled in a serene look beautiful and breathtaking, cut melon bread stuff oneself innocent look indescribably cute. Etc. that were also the first time just what the eye. "Ninomiya Kazunari suits" showed us, but please do not miss a lot of scenes! (K) "

Aaahhh...means no "OPEN" scene...rite???
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Stop Trying To Be Friend!

Each "Quality Time" that I had attended, I always get a brain new perception about things related to teaching and educating children.

From last Saturday "Quality Time" ,

I finally get the exact answer for my question all this time.

Thanks to Mr. Arvan Pradiansyah ...

The Topic was Self Happiness : Bring your Children into Happiness .
The key point is that you have to become a happy person first to make your children happy.
Sounds simple and easy.
But what parents did recently, mostly a mistake that came from a misunderstanding.

First misunderstanding is when we, as parents felt that we already understand our children.
But the point is not the understand part.
We have to stay connected with them, and try to understand their world.
Any kind of popular things that they are really into. Just don't missed it.
'Coz, when we are not in sync with their world, naturally, they will feel abandoned by us, and refuse to get closer to us.

Next misunderstanding is when we, as parents only apply THE SOFT LOVE , and too afraid to apply THE TOUGH LOVE .
Just as we feel ease and balanced, using both of our hands and legs.
It's the same with their feeling about accepting THE SOFT LOVE and THE TOUGH LOVE .
As a happy parents, we have to step up and show our courage to apply THE TOUGH LOVE .

For example...let's say.
I had a students back then.
Who love to play video games during school day.
And as we can predict. His score was sliding down like a melted ice in Alpen Mountain.
But when I asked her mother to warn his bad habit, her mother just said that he already had a rough time at school, studying and doing other stuff.
He needs something to divert his attention. And that was by playing video games, more than 5 hours a day.
Which is I thought too much.

But again, all I can do is just giving a suggestion.
The mother afraid that his kid will hate her if she told him to stop playing Video Games during school day.

And that is exactly the example of fear in applyingTHE TOUGH LOVE .
In the end of the semester, both the parents and the students finally realized that "5 HOURS VIDEO GAME PER DAY" will resulted a bad score report.

Why do people have to learn something after they experienced by them self?
There are a lot of things in this world that you can predict. Right?

The best misunderstanding is DON'T TRY TO BE THEIR FRIENDS.
You are parents. You have your obligation to do your work as a PARENT, not as their FRIEND.
So stop trying so hard to become your children friends.

That is exactly the answer that I need this whole time.

Be "THE ROLE MODEL" for your kids.
If you want your kids to be open and loving towards you and others, show that side of yours to them.
Be a caring and loving person.
They will learn naturally, that being a loving person is not an embarrassing thing.
If you want your children become an affectionate and forgiving, don't be afraid to immediately say sorry when you realize that you are make a mistake to them.

What a nice "Quality Time" I had last Saturday.
Just want to share here...

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It looks fun,,,That's why I'll fill it :)

Number 1~
[x]You know how to make a pot of coffee
[ ] You keep track of dates using a calendar
[ ] You own a credit card (I suppose I do?)
[x] You know how to change the oil in a car
[x] You've done your own laundry
[x] You can vote in an election
[x] You can cook for yourself
[x] You think politics is interesting


[ ] You show up for school late a lot
[x] You always carry a pen/pencil in your bag/purse/pocket
[x] You've never gotten a detention
[x] You have forgotten your own birthday
[x] You like to take walks by yourself
[x] You know what credibility means, without looking it up
[x] You drink caffeine at least once a week


[x] You know how to do the dishes
[x] You can count to 10 in another language
[x] When you say you're going to do something you do it
[ ] You can mow the lawn
[ ] You study even when you don't have to
[x] You have hand washed a car before


[x] You can spell experience, without looking it up
[ ] The people at Starbucks know you by name
[ ] Your favorite kind of food is take out
[ ] You can go to the store without getting something you don't need
[x] You understand political jokes the first time they are said
[x] You can type pretty quick


[ ] Your only friends are from your place of employment
[ ] You have been to a Tupperware party
[ ] You have realized that practically no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job.
[ ] You have more bills than you can pay
[ ] You have been to the beach
[x] You use the internet every day
[ ] You have traveled overseas for more than 5 times
[ ] You make your bed in the morning
[x] You realized people of the opposite sex/same sex might just make better friends

OKAY THEN ... 22

Number 2~

1. Make a list of 5 things that are in reach:
External HardDisk, Hand & Body Lotion, Handphone, Pillow, Macbook.

2. What is your favorite holiday?
Idul Fitri

3. What is one item of clothing you wish you could always wear?
Cardigans. [Never Die]

4. What's your occupation?

5. Dark, milk, or white chocolate?
Milk Chocolate [Healthier I guess?]

6. Who was the last person you hugged?
My students...I don't remember who, I hugged my students a lot.

7. What random song just popped in your head now?
Hadashi No Mirai, Arashi.

8. Bath or shower?
Shower... :)

9. What was the last text message you received
About 30 minutes ago.

10. What websites do you always visit when you go online?
LJ, FB, any websites where I learn something ...

11. What was the last thing you bought?

12. If you could afford to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Mecca, Japan and British.

13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
America. Studying my master.

14. Where's your tattoo/Where would you like a tattoo?

15. What are you doing this weekend?
Learning HTML.

16. Nino or Ohno's Falsetto?
Nino. Since he is my Ichiban. LOL. Biased :)

17. What's the one thing you need the most now?
Feeling of needing something.

18. Are you a creeper?

19. What is your dream job?
Teacher and Mom.

20. What's the last good movie you saw?
Inception. GREAT MOVIE!!!
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Finally, MC-ing for the "Quality Time" today was done ... おつかれさま.

It’s been 12 days since the occurrence of the Great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake and as the days goes by, the song requests have sharply increased on FM Sendai. 40 % of the requests are for songs from Johnny & Associates‘ artists, and the most wanted artist is Arashi. According to FM Sendai, Arashi’s “Kitto Daijoubu” and “Believe” receive the most amount of the requests.

When the earthquake occurred, FM Sendai only aired information about the disaster without any music, however, beginning this week, their music segments began to occupy 50 % of their broadcasts. The director of FM Sendai stated, “We received mainly requests for ballad songs at first, but the victims’ needs started to change healing songs to positive songs. Arashi is the favorite for elementary kids to people in their 50s.”

Taken from Tokyohive

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Although today's weather is very nice, I can't really enjoy it.

The bad flu, I already had it for a week now.
And I am definitely not getting better.
Another unpleasant thing about still having this flu is, I have to become an MC for a seminar @ my school tomorrow.
I can't barely sleep, thinking, whether I can do my job well or not.
I am afraid that the Master of Ceremony thing will turn into Miss Cough.
And I will seriously become the center of the attention. Not just because I am the MC, but I am the MC with a really bad cough.
Already tried a lot of medicine. Chemical and herbal.
Nothing changed.
At night, the cough will getting worse.
It mad me difficult to fall asleep. Almost frustrated because of it.

I just finished watching the new corner in Arashi Ni Shiyagare (嵐にしやがれ).
It is really fun to watch this corner.
For I think that the most interesting episode so far is the first one.
The new corner really gave me a brand new impression of the REAL side of Arashi member.

The new corner is

“Dandyism Consultation”.

The corner is about some Dandy consultant, helping Arashi's member solving their problem. And making them more mature by applying it.

And as always, NINO is throwing all his bratty side of him. His comments just straight to the point and never fail making me laugh.

At first I was thinking... WHAT?
Because I don't need Arashi member to be all DANDY and more mature.
I like just the way they are.
Like a boy next door.
With all their plus and minus.
I don't need them to be all perfect.

But when I started watching it, I find it interesting.
Because, how in the earth thing like that happened?
Sho, still maintain his sexiness during his sleep?
Seriously, I would be very happy if he agreed to MatsuJun's suggestion.
To record his night sleep time and use it for a VTR in ANiShi...
No one will refuse his naked body. RIGHT???

And Nino's problem is just hilarious and fit his personality.
Everything should be as cheap as possible.
Awww, Nino, come on.
You really hate those high class food? Really?
I will never mind to share it with you.

MatsuJun's problem is just really him.
His problem of being too frank to people is really sweet for me.
[I prefer a frank and honest opinion, rather than an awkward fake one].
But the solution form the "Uncle Honey" is really helpful, and I personally think can use it in my daily life.
(This is the part where I started liking this corner).

Aiba's problem is just too childish.
At first I was thinking that his problem will be all about girl {and I am totally wrong].
How come someone can be so disturbed over a correct time to wash his denim?
Aiba, you really are a Mommy's boy.

And Riida,,,among all Arashi member.
Recently, I can sense his maturity.
His calmness is blew me away.
But his problem, centered in MatsuJun.
But I can't helped but agreed with the consultant.
That he should try to speak honestly to the other member.
Because I never heard that Arashi member was in the middle of an argument or fight.
Maybe they should try to speak honest to each other and following MatsuNii's suggestion.
"If you need to fight over it, then FIGHT!!!"
Especially to MatsuJun and Nino in my opinion, for both of them are sometimes very rude towards Ohno-Kun, it will be better for them to be able to speak their true feelings to each other.

Overall. I think ANiShi is getting more and more interesting.
I can see that all of the ARASHI member getting more and more mature.

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Have you ever felt, once in your entire lifetime, being pushed by someone. Able to do things that you never thought you will do?
Pernah terpikirkah kita sanggup melakukan sesuatu yang tidak pernah kita bayangkan sebelumnya?
Karena seseorang, kita mampu berbuat yang tidak biasanya?
I’m not talking about good deeds here.
I’m talking about the bad one.
Bukan. Bukan sesuatu yang baik, tapi sesuatu yang kita pribadi golongkan sebagai sesuatu yang jahat dan tercela.
Yang sepanjang perjalanan hidup, kita tumbuh dengan percaya bahwa kita tidak akan memiliki daya untuk melakukan hal semacam itu
Aku rasanya pernah.

Aku rasanya tidak pernah sedemikian dalam merasa kecewa pada seseorang hingga ingin mengirimnya jauh-jauh ke dasar kerak neraka karena perbuatannya yang menyakiti orang yang sangat kucintai.
Tapi, itu terjadi juga padaku.
Ternyata aku sanggup memikirkannya.
Aku sanggup merasa benci pada seseorang.
Kecewa sedemikian dalam, hingga menyebut namanya dalam hati saja rasanya jijik.
Memikirkan perbuatannya saat menuliskan perasaan ini membuat dadaku sakit dan ingin menangis satu kali lagi.
Tapi membuang energi untuk menangisi akibat perbuatannya tidak akan mengembalikan sebuah hubungan pertemanan.

Aku rasanya pernah.
Berharap tidak pernah mengenal seseorang.
Tidak pernah mendenar suaranya.
Tidak pernah menatap wajahnya.
Tidak pernah tahu betapa ia akan mudah tertawa dengan komentarku yang menurutnya bodoh.
Betapa aku sekarang sering berandai-andai tidak pernah tahu tentang keberadaannya di muka bumi.
Tapi aku tahu itu tidak mungkin.

Menghabiskan banyak waktu untuk berharap sesuatu yang tidak baik terjadi pada seseorang, pernahkah?
Melenyapkan seseorang ke perut bumi dalam-dalam.
Setelah tahu bahwa ada manusia yang terlahir dari rahim seorang ibu, bisa menyakiti hati anak manusia yang lain sampai hancur berkeping-keping, hingga merasa tidak akan pernah bisa menyatukannya lagi.
Dengan sebuah kata misalnya.
Sebuah kalimat.
Sepotong SMS.
Sebaris kebohongan.

Rasanya kita dipaksa keluar dari zona putih tempat kita selalu berdiri dengan nyaman.
Kepala seperti mau meledak karena marah yang tidak tertahan.
Dada seperti disayat-sayat hingga menangis tidak mau berhenti, ditemani air kran kamar mandi yang tidak berhenti dikucurkan.

Ada kan manusia yang mampu membuat kita merasa seperti itu?
Dan herannya, biasanya manusia seperti itu berdiripun tidak jauh dari kita.
Begitu dekat malah, hingga bayangan kita bisa saling bersentuhan.
Biasanya mereka-mereka inilah yang mampu dengan mudahnya menggoyahkan pijakan kaki kita keluar menuju zona hitam yang tidak pernah kita kenal sebelumnya.

Dan sebelum kita sadar, kita telah mengasimilasi diri menjadi seperti mereka. Karena rasa sakit hati, benci dan dendam yang tidak mampu kita tanggung sendiri.
Lalu kita berbuat dan melangkah, mengambil keputusan yang kita coba percaya mampu melukai orang itu seperti ia menikam kita dari balik punggung. Tidak terlihat, sehingga rasanya jauh lebih perih.

We are no angel.
Nor a devil.
Kita bukan malaikat.
Tapi kita bukan iblis.
Itu sebabnya kita disebut manusia.
Karena kita bisa terluka, dikhianati, kecewa, merasa benci, lalu sedih menangis, kemudian memaafkan, tersenyum dan kembali tertawa.
Kita manusia, bukan malaikat.
Tidak sempurna, tidak bisa tidak berperasaan.
Kita manusia, bukan iblis.
Tidak tanpa nurani, dan mampu mengampuni.
Kita manusia.
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Confessions of A Shopaholic...

From the title...very clear and obvious that the movie tells us about a shopaholic...
If you haven't read the book, it's ok...

Even the whole story is a little bit different, but you still be able to understand the whole story without reading the book.

This movie tells a story about Rebecca ecstatic young girl, that build a deep relationship with brand and shop...
She can never keep her ambition from Prada, Gucci or Manolo sale...
This New Yorker girl ended up in a situation where she lost her job while debt collector is tracing her track...

She find her self, one night, wrote a letter to two magazines. one to the Alette, the fashion magazine where she always felt that she belongs there, and to an economic magazine "Savings Succesfull"...

Then everything started there...


Hollywood Style
Typical Hollywood Style

It is a typical Hollywood romantic comedy.
but this time, it's not the romantic side that caught my eyes, even my heart.

The part where Bex realize that her shopping habit is killing her inside and outside.
She is drown in debt.
But she never lose a way to find her life back.
Well, the part where I said that the typical Hollywood movie appear is because there are too many coincidence.
But that is okay, because I feel that maybe, a good coincidence will pop out in my life :p

Thanks to this movie, I am able to realize that I cannot "symbolize" my anger and dissatisfaction through stuff and spending money.
Because it will lead me to an endless ending of being strapped.

And there is another thing that I can definitely learn from this movie.
NO CREDIT CARDS in life...
That's a law!!!

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Take Seiji (Ninomiya Kazunari) is a 25-year-old freeter with no dreams, savings and is good-for-nothing. He had failed his entrance exams the first time and entered a third-rate university a year later. After graduation, he found work at a mid-size components company, but could not become accustomed to the corporate culture and left in three months. Reemployment did not go his way, so he took a part-time job for the time being. However, when interpersonal relationship become a little bit bothersome, he would immediately quit and move to another part-time job. As a result, he is always fighting with his father, Seiichi. He retreats into his own room because he hates seeing his father.

Then one day, when he is both out of work and savings, he learns that his mother, Sumiko, is suffering from depression, and is shocked. Harsh reality surges in … Is he to be the family’s breadwinner now? Thinking he is good-for-nothing and blaming himself for not being able to take care of even food expenses, Seiji takes up higher-paying part-time manual labour at a civil engineering site where he encounters the vivacious, cheerful Chiba Manami (Karina) and his superiors. At first, he has a bias against his job, regarding it only as a temporary position, and keeps his distance from the people at the work place. But his exchanges with his colleagues and Manami, who live for civil engineering, gradually deepen. In the midst of this he is reminded of the meaning of “life” and “work, and finds hope to revive his family.

Maruyama will play Nino’s co-worker whose failed dream was to debut in a band, and Yokoo’s role is as a lawyer who lives next to Nino’s house.

I've been waiting  for a very long time for another Nino's appearance in TV Doramas.
And I am very excited for his role in this drama.


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