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'The Rambling' about My New OhMiya Fanfiction

Hiii my dear reader. [I sounded like an author with a lot of writing =))]
I was bored and tired from my workload.
Finally, today I finished all my administration work and able to touch my macbook freely, without any disturbance about progress report or lesson plan.

FYI, I am kinda stuck in finishing Rendezvouz chapter six.
It is because my mood is not in an angsty mood.
As a result of watching too much K-Drama lately, I have a lot of idea for another series, and I want to share it to you before I launch it officially. :D

I have two new Fiction after I finished Rendezvouz, but to my own surprise, for both fics, I already finished until two chapters.
Without further ado, let me give you some sneak peek...Tehee...enjoy...


Ohno Satoshi is a young freelance artist. He is a painter and a photographer. He already traveled all around the world since a very young age, following his parents who are a documentary moviemaker.

He grew as a calm and kind-hearted person, for having a chance to see a lot of faces and sides of the world.

His biggest dream and desire that he kept inside of him was that someday he would go back to his hometown, Japan. To know better about the places where he was born, since his parents’ work only allowed them to stay in one particular place for not more than a half of year.

He promised himself that one-day, he would find his opportunity to know further about Japan.


Ninomiya Kazunari is an ordinary Tokyo teenager, living his live as one of the other ordinary people in the midst of busy Tokyo. He is 17 and living a comfortable life with his mother and older sister in their apartment in Akasaka.

In his third year in high school, he dreamt that someday he would be a professional baseball player. He always wanted to be one of the players in New York Yankee, along with his best friend Aiba Masaki.

He promised himself that one-day, he would find his opportunity to set his foot at New York City.


When the law of gravity work oversees the course of nature, human strength would not be able to rebuff its power.

It was when the law invaded the live of those two young men. Its power took over their sanity, their conscience, their past, their present and their future. They are deeply in love towards each other, drowned themselves into an infinite bond and find themselves unable to free from it.

A wound would be able to be healed as times goes by, some say. Though, the scar remain subsist to remind the wounded one about the past, and how it brings him to the future.

Ohno Satoshi never imagined that he would meet someone that means world to him, someone that could make him stay and didn’t want to leave. Ninomiya Kazunari never knew that world is a big place to explored, he find someone who could bring the world in his arms.

When the law of gravity plays the love of two human beings, the only way to know the result is by follow through and never against it. Whether its bitter or sweet, you will never know, because that is how gravity works. It brings you to a place unknown.


Ninomiya Kazunari, Aiba Masaki and Matsumoto Jun were three young boys who incidentally became best friend after an embarrassing thing happened to all of them on their first day at school.

“Destiny.” That was a word Aiba always said when he take a look back at the day when they were met for the first time, while MatsuJun took that memory of his first day at school as a mishap that leads into a fortune of life.

And Nino thought that…


Total silence.

[“Hey, Nino! I’m trying to write something here. When I write you to talk, then talk. Stop being such a spoiled bratty little boy, because you don't know how mean I can be as an author. I’ve written about you being trapped in a psycho-abusive relationship you know. You don't want that happen to you again, don't you?”]

“Yeah, whatever.” That was the only reply that he gives.

[“What? Come again?”]

“Whatever…” he replied again in a deadly cold tone, “Whatever to you, to the cunning senior and to that stupid miserable two boys you’ve paired with me as best friend.”

[“OK, Nino. Do whatever you please and continue being a brat. I’ll torture you more and more in this fic. I can make your life miserable in any way I want, you know?”]

With his signature smirk appeared on his angelic face, he gave his last sentence before leaving the blank page nonchalantly, “I dare you to do that. At the end you’ll write about me being together with my lovely cutie OhChan anyway after your stupid fic about us supposed to be together but *** ** *** ***.”

[“You think you can threaten me like that, huh? I am the one with the power and authority here, hello!”]

But he never replied to that, since he already leaving this page with Aiba followed behind him merrily and Jun in a sulky-cocky face.

[“I’ll do whatever I want here. Just watch me, Nino. Hnnn, let me back again to the explanation of the plot."]

As a tradition in Kikokushijokukoki Academy International School for Boys (KAISB in short), on their very first day at school the senior gave them a questionnaire with a different random question for each freshman.

“We bet you don't know the lyrics of ‘Old McDonald’s Farm?’ song”

Aiba Masaki, who always have a full confidence in himself about his knowledge about English give his answer written in a huge ‘Yes, I do’.

Matsumoto Jun, as a full of himself kind of person, think that his reputation will go down to the center of the earth if he gives ‘No’ as an answer. So he wrote yes on his paper, in a graceful handwriting of him.

Meanwhile the brat Ninomiya Kazunari, he left a small no on his paper carelessly. But, the fate and mishap took him into the tragedy that made those three crowned as school clown for that day and the rest of their school life.

One of his seniors, who thought that Nino was too cute to be alive in this anguished life, unashamedly added ‘, of course I know’ written on Nino’s questionnaire paper.

“Just to make things more interesting…"

And those misunderstanding lead them into a chaotic relationship during their school life.

Where are Ohno and Sho? You will have to wait until the official update.

Sooo...guys (girls?) tell me what you think about it.
Please leave your comment.
Awh, and I feel a little bit betraying ARASHI because recently I am so into SHINee and can't stop listening to Onew's voice and staring at cute Key's expression.
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