Jun. 25th, 2011

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'The Rambling' about My New OhMiya Fanfiction

Hiii my dear reader. [I sounded like an author with a lot of writing =))]
I was bored and tired from my workload.
Finally, today I finished all my administration work and able to touch my macbook freely, without any disturbance about progress report or lesson plan.

FYI, I am kinda stuck in finishing Rendezvouz chapter six.
It is because my mood is not in an angsty mood.
As a result of watching too much K-Drama lately, I have a lot of idea for another series, and I want to share it to you before I launch it officially. :D

I have two new Fiction after I finished Rendezvouz, but to my own surprise, for both fics, I already finished until two chapters.
Without further ado, let me give you some sneak peek...Tehee...enjoy...


They are deeply in love towards each other, drowned themselves into an infinite bond and find themselves unable to free from it. )


[“Hey, Nino! I’m trying to write something here. When I write you to talk, then talk. Stop being such a spoiled bratty little boy, because you don't know how mean I can be as an author. I’ve written about you being trapped in a psycho-abusive relationship you know. You don't want that happen to you again, don't you?”] )

Sooo...guys (girls?) tell me what you think about it.
Please leave your comment.
Awh, and I feel a little bit betraying ARASHI because recently I am so into SHINee and can't stop listening to Onew's voice and staring at cute Key's expression.


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