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Dear Reader,

First, I want to apologize for mistakes that I made this past few months. I am now facing the fasting month, Ramadhan, and it is a tradition in my country to apologize before we enter the holy month. I wish I am forgiven.

Second, it is another apologize and I am a drama queen like that, making things dramatic and melancholic. Last night, I decide to stop writing. I know I am selfish and inconsiderate and rude and stupid like that, but I am sorry. Somehow, I lost the will and interest to continue writing. And no, I am not making this letter of resignation because I am an attention whore. No. I don't want you to drop comments and asked me to continue. I already decide. I am so sorry. Really sorry for my selfish decision. It is not going to be a temporary hiatus or something like that.

I wrote this letter because I want you to know how sorry I am for unable to continue writing. I started a few months ago because I became interested after reading few of the best fic I've ever read in the fandom. I simply adore [ profile] zero_shichi, [ profile] nicadj , [ profile] fey_37-chan, [ profile] jade_lil, [ profile] sheranino, [ profile] vintage_belle, [ profile] oneterrorist and my baby [ profile] secretwish109 works. I really enjoy reading their fic and I will still be around to read and drop comments, because I am the . They inspired me to write fanfiction. It's been a fun experience and I do ❤ and appreciate your comments, but it's no fun anymore, that is why I decide to just stop.

I'm really sorry. I really do. Thank you for the fun and ❤ that you share.

Regards, Neena 
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